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  • Custom Wood Bathroom Cabinets Vanities - Delaware Valley, Bucks Montgomery Counties, Mainline, New Hope, PA NJ

Custom Wood Bathroom Cabinets Vanity Design And Handcrafting By Sowa Woodworking Serving Bucks And Montgomery Counties, The Main Line to New Hope, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey. True Custom Hand Made Cabinets, Handcrafted One At A Time.


Custom Bathroom Cabinets, Vanities, Cabinets By Sowa Woodworking LLC Serving Bucks And Montgomery Counties, From New Hope To The Mainline Of Pennsylvania And From Princeton To The Jersey Shore.

Bathroom Cabinet And Vanity Design Woodworking, Bucks County Woodshop, Serving Delaware Valley, Mainline, New Hope, PA. Bathroom Cabinets, Vanities And Storage, We All Know What We Would Like

The bathroom we envision meets a blend of form, function, ease of daily living, organization with minimal effort. 

A properly designed bathroom will have all the pleasing aesthetics, from organized drawers and medicine cabinet, to a natural ease of living, a flow if you will, with deep cabinets and storage for extra large towels and linen, to meet any and all requirements and desires.

Custom Wood Bathroom Cabinets Vanities Serving Bucks Montgomery Counties, New Hope, Mainline, Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania
Bathroom Storage Options
One of the highest traffic areas in a home, the bathroom design is of critical importance offering a wide variety of options for storage to meet the needs of each member of the family. 

Sowa Woodworking LLC can custom design your bathroom cabinetry from scratch with a custom design, we can work with your designer, architect, custom home builder, and create from the ground up to remodeling your existing space with new custom bathroom cabinetry to better suit your needs.


Custom Bathroom Cabinets, Vanities, Storage, Closets
Custom bathroom cabinets, vanities, well thought out bathroom storage, combine to make life easier. Toiletries, medicines, first aid all in easy to find, organized shelving, drawers, dividers, combine to make life easier, and of coarse, cabinets, vanities and storage that look great.

Sowa’s Custom Bathroom Vanities and Cabinetry Combine Beauty, Form And Function
Adjustable, durable storage solutions, symmetry, flow, all with proven traditional woodworking methods, while incorporating the finest in designs, materials, hardware, to create the Bathrooms Of Your Dreams.

Sowa Woodworking – Creating The Custom Bathrooms Of Your Dreams - Serving Bucks Mont Region, Delaware Valley, Mainline to New Hope, Beyond.

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